Storybook Adventure Fox and Bear VideoCome on an amazing journey with your children as we turn them into storybook character during their very own Storybook Adventure.

Children are incredible. Their imagination, their joy, and their love exceed anything on the planet. They are our future and they deserve to know, inside and out, how special they are. When we spend time with them, we give them the best chance to live up to their best selves, when we are there for them!

Julie Atlas Photography crafts an experience that will spark their creativity and fill them with warmth and delight as they go through their very own tour of Santa’s workshop or on an adventure that they will remember for a lifetime. The day itself will be one of the memories they will never forget of time with you, and we’ll commemorate it with a book starring them that is customized with your hopes and dreams because, at the end of the day, that is what this is about! 

We are here to support you in raising a child that has every opportunity to become everything they can be.