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We are now accepting nominations for The Influentials Project 2024!

We are looking for people that are changing their communities for the better in the greater Richmond, VA area. Please nominate them using this form.

The influencials Project 2023The influencials Project 2023


The Richmond Influentials Project 2023

Meet our 2023 Influentials Project Winners!  I am proud to have met and been influenced by each of these people and their desire to do to good in the community and world around them. Please congratulate our winners!


Teresa Welch

Ride on Cannon Foundation

Teresa is an amazing Non-Profit founder and director. Her passion for helping others and selfless giving astounds anyone that meets her. Her foundation helps children and families at least four times a year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and Back to School. If you would like to support this amazing organization please reach out to them. 



Jackson Clifton

Alopecia Does Not Define Him

Jackson is an amazing young man!  After he was diagnosed with Alopecia in elementary school he learned that not all people are kind. Instead of allowing unkind words and actions define him, he decided to embrace acceptance and teach others.  He is a leader both on and off of the football field.  After meeting him, I have no doubt how he has influenced more than just his team to accept others that may look different from themselves.



Sarah Hardy

The Forged Tooth

Sarah is an inspiration to others because she is a shining example of you can be anything that you want to be! Sarah is a farrier. She shoes horses and takes care of their teeth. This is a predominantly male driven field, but after photographing her as she works I am not surprised in the least by her success. 





Mike McGrath

River City Inclusive Gym

Mike is an amazing asset to his community. His gym serves those with intellectual and physical disabilities. This community of people is generally underserved in most communities. Mike is doing his best to make sure that everyone has a place and is seen. 

Mike McGrath copyMike McGrath copy

Linda Traynor

Special Education Assistant, Chesterfield County Public Schools

Linda is a special education assistant for Chesterfield County Public Schools. She is an amazing advocate for her kids, and they are all her kids! Linda serves the families and children in her community with an unwavering dedication and commitment.

LindaTraynor copyLindaTraynor copy

Det. Joanna Hartsook

Chesterfield County Police Department

Detective Hartsook is an advocate for others and helps bring justice for those that have been victims of crimes. Her dedication to her community is unwavering. It was a pleasure to get to know her and to learn more about her.

DSC_3663 copyDSC_3663 copy

Dina Lefferts

Fast Freight VA

Dina is an asset through her community service at her church and in her community. Thank you for serving others with your whole heart!

Dina LeffertsBWDina LeffertsBW

Jennifer Kell

Robin's Hope

Robin's Hope is an amazing organization that teaches resiliency and helps people overcome different traumas in their lives. Jennifer is the director for Robin's Hope. We are honored to honor her through this nomination selection.

DSC_4595 copy 2DSC_4595 copy 2

Tom Leahy

The Brass Ring Project

Tom believes in serving others in his community, whether it was through Beacon Tree or through the Brass Ring Project. He believes in serving others in the community.


Candice Suarez

The Brass Ring Project

Candice is tongue cancer survivor and warrior! She is an absolutely amazing human being and loves others and serves them with her whole heart. She is part of the newly formed Brass Ring Project which serves underserved populations of people while they are navigating the next steps in their careers and education.

Candice BWCandice BW