The Richmond Influentials Project 2023

Do you know someone in the greater Richmond, VA area that is influential in their community, job, or volunteer work? I am looking for nominations for Julie Atlas Photography's Influential Project 2023! Selected nominations will be featured on my website and in a gallery show! Please use this Nomination Form to nominate the influential people in your life.


Week 3 Nomination

Teresa Welch

Founder of Ride on Cannon Foundation

Teresa is an amazing Non-Profit founder and director. Her passion for helping others and selfless giving astounds anyone that meets her. Her foundation helps children and families at least four times a year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and Back to School. If you would like to support this amazing organization please reach out to them. They will be collecting bicycles through the end of March for their next event on April 1st.



Week 2 Nomination

Jackson Clifton

Alopecia Does Not Define Him

Leadership On and Off the Field

Jackson is an amazing young man!  After he was diagnosed with Alopecia in elementary school he learned that not all people are kind. Instead of allowing unkind words and actions define him, he decided to embrace acceptance and teach others.  He is a leader both on and off of the football field.  After meeting him, I have no doubt how he has influenced more than just his team to accept others that may look different from themselves.

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Week 1 Nomination

Sarah Hardy

owner of the The Forged Tooth

Sarah is an inspiration to others because she is a shining example of you can be anything that you want to be! Sarah is a farrier. She shoes horses and takes care of their teeth. This is a predominantly male driven field, but after photographing her as she works I am not surprised in the least by her success. 




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