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By Julie Atlas, owner of Julie Atlas Photogeraphy


Almost everyone gets nervous planning for a family portrait session, whether it is inside the studio or on location there is so much to think about so that you are ready.  The good news is that it is not as complicated as you are probably thinking.


1.  Find the right photographer!

Not all photographers are the same.  We each have our own styles, our own ways of working with our clients, and we each have our own personalities. If you don't love the images on the website for your photographer, then you should choose a different photographer.  That is not to say that you can't request certain poses or themes if you don't see them, but that you will get the photographers best work if they are photographing in a style that is comfortable to them.  I for example love landscapes! I love putting families in locations that relaxes them and enhances the peacefulness in their pictures. I also prefer clean crisp images over hazy ones, so if you work with me, it is not usually my style to crop the images too closely to the subjects. If you love nature, I am the photographer for you! I also love children, my first occupational love was teaching, it shows in how I interact with children of all ages.  It also shows in the projects that I like to get involved with, such as the Heart Gallery and several different foster to adopt agencies in the greater Richmond, Va area.


2.  The outfits!

First of all choose clothing that you are comfortable in, outfits where you feel your best always photograph better than an outfit that you are unsure of.  Also there is no hard and fast rule that everyone in the session should be dressed the same.  Choose a color theme that work with how you decorate your home, you are more likely to hang your gorgeous portraits on the wall if they compliment the color themes in your home.  Last, choose non-busy patterns, simple is always better! Avoid busy stripes and patterns, as they can be very distracting in the images.  Also darker colors can be very thinning.  One last thing to remember, especially for the ladies that may be a little more self conscious, don't be afraid to wear tighter fitting clothes, they are thinning, baggy clothes can add pounds to waistline.


3.  Young Children

Bribery sometimes work, threats seldom work.  Try to choose a time when your child is well rested and well fed.  For infants come to the session a little early and feed them right before the session starts.  Also, remember that we are on kid time, not adult time when we are doing a family session.  Try to stay relaxed and let the photographer build a relationship with your child, it will help your child relax and give some real smiles.  Don't worry if it is not an instantaneous process, just be patient it will happen about 99% of the time.


4. Teenager!

Teenagers are often more tricky than young children.  Don't stress! If your photographer asks you to step away for a few minutes to build rapport with your teen, don't worry and trust the process!  Usually teens are more attitudy for their parents than they are for the photographer!


5. Have fun!

If you don't remember anything else. Remember photography sessions can be great bonding time with the family! Have fun and relax!

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How to plan for a picture perfect day. https://www.julieatlasphotography.com/blog/2015/1/how-to-plan-for-a-picture-perfect-day First of all, don't stress. I know that that is easier said than done, but it is so true. If you are getting anxious about your session, it will show in your photographs.  So relax and let me walk you through the experience.

Make sure that you are well hydrated and have eaten a light meal prior to getting to the session.  Women, wear outfits that are not too busy, avoid chevron patterns.  Vibrant  and deep colors always work best in pictures.  Try to avoid wearing all white, as it will usually make you look paler. Women, make sure to wear make-up, it doesn't have to be heavy make-up, as it really helps with the shine!

Men, remember that this is important to your other half! Nothing is more appealing to a woman than a man that willing gets his picture taken.  It is definitely worth some brownie points later on.  Smile and relax, I promise to make this experience as painless as possible.

If you are bringing children to the session, bring them a snack.  Try to avoid things that make a huge mess so that you can preserve their clothes.  Bring an extra change of clothes for younger children.  Bring three times as many diapers as you think that you will need, children like to go extra just when you least expect it.  Most importantly, remember that my studio runs on Kid Time, and that I will give your child the time that they need to relax and feel comfortable with me.  Some kids take longer to make this adjustment than others.

I am excited to be part of this amazing experience with you! Please let me know how I can serve you better.




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Amazing Las Vegas Conference! https://www.julieatlasphotography.com/blog/2013/9/amazing-las-vegas-conference I am so grateful that I was able to attend Zenfolio's Zoom Conference in Las Vegas this past weekend. I learned so many cool new things at the conference. Best of all, I won a free Zenfolio account for a year.  This account allows me to serve all of my clients a little better.


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Welcome to Julie Atlas Photography https://www.julieatlasphotography.com/blog/2013/9/welcome-to-julie-atlas-photography Welcome to Julie Atlas Photography.  I am located in North Chesterfield, VA.  I specialize in newborn, child, family, individual, and event photography. I look forward to working with you in the near future.  I am also offering Birthday Party Packages.  If you need to reach me you can reach me at (703) 581-2406 or by email at julieatlasphotography@gmail.com.

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